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If you have a garage door – be it automatic or manual – you have torsion or extension springs. Our team is at your service whenever you need help with yours. Read on to learn more about the different types, common issues, and how we can help!

What Does Torsion Or Extension Mean?

Garage door springs work by creating tension that translates into the energy needed to lift your garage door up, and the difference in the two types is in how they achieve this. Torsion springs simply twist to store up energy, while extensions are stretched out to do so. The former type is what most technicians prefer because they last longer and are much safer. The motion of being pulled out to their limit makes extension springs wear out much faster, and when they snap they tend to ricochet and can cause damage when they do.

Adjustments & Testing

In some cases, the springs themselves may not be broken at all, but simply need some tending to. If one of the springs is out of balance, your door might move slower or faster than it normally should, sag, or both. Our professionals can easily take care of adjusting them if necessary to get things back in shape and moving easily. We can get the problem sorted out and taken care of before you know it!

Broken Spring Replacement

Should the problem prove to be more than just needing an adjustment or lubrication service, you can count on us to be there ASAP. Whatever type of spring your garage door has, the years of use that occur will wear them out in either case eventually. The problem tends to be noticeable as well, because springs are what powers your door's movement up and down and gets your heavy door in motion. We'll take care of replacing any broken springs, as well as those that are worn enough that they're near that point. Trying to do this yourself can be extremely dangerous to yourself as well as anything in the vicinity, so allowing a trained technician to handle it is the best and safest solution.

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Some Useful Information

How do I adjust garage door spring tension?

Before you rush into trying to DIY this type of task you should consider the potential risks. Adjusting the tension of a spring requires understanding the type of unit you have and exactly what the problem is. The main dangers are the fact that you are dealing with a great deal of tension, and should the spring accidently break, it could severely injure anyone nearby. It's much safer to let a professional handle it.

Can I open a garage door with a broken spring?

In short, maybe, but you shouldn't try to. If you have a couple of torsion springs installed, then you may still be able to open the door after one of the units breaks. However, that would be highly ill-advised, and will cause the second unit to overstrain, which could very quickly result in it breaking. If you have extension springs, then the answer is no, since each one of these would be installed on a different side of the door. In general, you should never try to open the door after a spring breaks, as you could get very seriously hurt as a result.

How long do garage door springs last?

The longevity of these units will depend on a few things, mainly the way they work, how often you use the door, and whether or not they receive the proper amount of maintenance. Torsion springs are known to last longer, even an entire decade, when they are regularly lubricated and their tension is adjusted periodically. Extension springs will probably last for half as long. The more you use the door, the more these units will work, and the more they'll wear out, until they'll eventually need to be replaced. If you want to avoid having to deal with a broken spring when it's least convenient, make sure to get them replaced before they end up breaking.

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